By Patrick Shea

We lost our King’s Cup quarterfinal by a coin toss. Reza Alizadeh saved three of the five penalty kicks and put his shot in the side-netting. But the officials pointed to the two local Las Vegas youth teams scheduled to play under the lights after us. They settled it within a minute by random chance instead of giving us three or four minutes to finish our shots.

Concluding with penalty kicks is already a disappointment, a farce of a compromise. Imagine tennis players going into extra sets because they’re still tied during a Wimbledon final. Now imagine escorting the players to the side of center court so they can settle it with a ping-pong game instead. That’s what a penalty-kick conclusion feels like to a player. A coin toss is worse.

But other teams from Colorado came home with winnings. The Over-55 Best Builders won their championship on MLK Day.


Fort Collins Fury, O-35 Competitive

Town Drunks, Boulder, O-40 Recreational

Mo United, Erie, O-40 Recreational

Fort Collins FC, O-40 Recreational

ETown, Vail, O-40 Recreational

Denver Stormers, O-40 Recreational

Rocky Mountain FC, Highlands Ranch, O-40 Recreational

Pellman’s Bounty, Niwot, O-40 Recreational

Barclay’s Brew, Littleton, O-40 Recreational

Broomfield FC, O-40 Recreational

Fort Collins Fury, O-40 Competitive

Pellmans Boulder, O-48 Recreational

Peru FC, O-48 Recreational

Jacob Center Wisdom, Denver, O-48 Recreational

Arya Colorado, O-48 Recreational

Rush Brokers, Littleton, O-48 Competitive

Best Builders, Colorado, O-55 CHAMPIONS!

Bentin Purito Rimac, Thornton, O-55

Denver Kickers Masters, O-60