COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – Intermittent freezing snow added a degree of difficulty for players and fans during the Rapids’ 2-0 win over the Timbers at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Saturday night.

Announced Crowd of 15,135 (9): The TIFO was enormous and emotive. And a year after Snow Classico, the crowd showed its Colorado colors throughout the nasty, wet shiverfest.

John Berner (6): JB saved all three shots on goal and distributed decently. He had a harmless slip on the goal line in the first half (backing up to collect a ball).

Shane O’Neill (5): To be fair, Shane had to stay home because Steve Zakuani was pushing virtually every attack for the first 65 minutes. Zakuani was offsides twice, and he was timing his runs with Gaston Fernandez, who had four of the Timbers’ total eight offsides infractions. Shane pushed forward for an early cross in the first half, and he found more time on the ball near the corner during game-management time in the end. But Futty Danso beat him to the header off a corner in the 32nd minute, missing wide left with minimal pressure from Shane.

Marvell Wynne (6): Marv had to clean up for Jose Mari, fellow defenders, and himself. He suffered a boot to the leg on one play in the 53rd minute, but he retreated immediately to prevent a goal.

Drew Moor (6): Steady in the air and on the ground, the captain also forced a save from Ricketts in the 67th minute.

Marc Burch (6): Like Shane, Marc had to stay back for most of the game. He covered and recovered well, although he needed help from Berner to cover a back-door ball for the second week in a row.

Nick LaBrocca (6): Nicky did the right things box-to-box. He had a number of clears from Zone 14, kept possession in transition, and took two shots too.

Dillon Powers (6, 85 minutes): Powers took a thumping early in the game, but he soldiered on with a lot of deep midfield action, perhaps scrambling too much when Jose Mari lost possession. Since Edson chased down all the long outlets from JB, Powers worked behind and often ended up farther forward than Vicente and Deshorn too. Or Powers would be the first to attack the ball and ended up in that spot up front of the defensive shape.

Kamani Hill (NR, 10-ish minutes): Kamani had to chase the ball and the play during his short spell on the field.

Jose Mari (3, 90-ish minutes): Long before his second yellow card at the end of the game, Mari lost possession, missed a pair of tackles, and sent one pass to Portland when Vicente was wide open. To be fair, he pulled back on the collision that ultimately sent him off, a soft infraction that may open the door for Nathan Sturgis or Marlon Hairston next week when Sporting KC comes to town.

Deshorn Brown (7): He put four of his five shots on goal, two to force saves in the first six minutes. Deshorn came ready to play, and although he didn’t hit the greatest pk, he followed up fast enough to secure the second goal.

Edson Buddle (7, 79 minutes): Buddle made the most of every play, hurrying to get under most of the long-balls sent forward. He was calm on the ball early in the first half and snaked dangerously into the box, but the play didn’t produce a shot.

Gabriel Torres (NR, 20-ish minutes): Although he was out there for more than 20 minutes, it’s not fair to rate Gabby at all. He didn’t get his first touch until the game was long over and the corner-flag cat-and-mouse began.

Vicente Sanchez (8, 80 minutes): Vicente hit the game-winning penalty kick in the 73rd minute, but he earned his high rating from the opening whistle. Knifing through in attack, he had two runs off the ball into dangerous space in the first half. But Deshorn didn’t see him for one of the runs, and Futty futtied up another chance.

Marvin Chavez (NR, 20-ish minutes): Like Gabby, it’s not fair to give Marvin a rating at all because he didn’t get much opportunity. Of course, if Weber had not saved Marvin’s stoppage time shot on goal, the 2012 MLS All-star would have received a worthy rating.