If Player A from Team A kicks Player B from Team B, Player B doesn’t care who he kicks in retaliation. He’s just as likely to boot Player C as anyone else on Team A. Player A could cut out the middleman and kick one of his teammates instead. If the outcome is the same, Player A can save everyone a lot of trouble by not kicking anyone.

You can be successful playing nonviolently without being a pussy. As a defender, stay in your opponent’s blind spot and don’t touch him. Then you’ll have kinetic energy when it comes time to strike, and he won’t know where you’re coming from. His fear of you should be more disturbing than an actual hit. Besides if you hit him hard enough to really disturb him, you’ll be called for a foul and he wins the duel. You might get sent off eventually.

If you can defend without fouling (and obviously without losing duels and possession), you make them work for everything while giving them nothing. For the guys who need to get hit for motivation, you can take the gas from their tanks by not saying a word and never fouling them. Make them gasp exasperated instead.