I’m number five on the coaching depth chart for the U-16 Olympic Development Program soccer team in Colorado (males born in 1998). We’re currently training for the Region IV ODP tournament in Phoenix on January 9–12, 2014. This gives us about a month to work out free kicks, wall positioning, corner kicks, and a tournament-ready pk sequence.

I have a national “D” license for coaching soccer, adequate for kids but not Olympic-caliber. Let’s just say I’m not qualified to take Jürgen Klinsmann’s job any time soon. The four guys above me for the ODP team are excellent (Mike Freitag, Marley Wilson, David Campos, and Mattias Sanchez). So I say as few words as possible during training. It’s still too much. Marley, the head coach, told the players more about my soccer writing experience yesterday, and then it hit me. Instead of boring them during precious training time, I can send a link to my blog. Then I’ll just bark my bumper sticker statements when appropriate. This sounds more efficient.

Things Pat yells on the soccer field: