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The Colorado Soccer Association initiated the United Premier League this fall, and the season finales for the premier and Over-35 divisions ended with sunshine on November 3, 2013.


Starting at 9:00 at the Gates Soccer Complex, the Chivas Over-35 squad held a slim, technical margin over Arsenal Over-35. Both teams were undefeated, both teams had allowed merely six goals all season, and they hadn’t faced each other yet. But Chivas had 38 goals, one more than Arsenal. Chivas scored early, lead 4-0 at the half, and finished 5-0 to win the UPL Over-35 division with 24 points. Arsenal finished second with 21 points, followed by CCCP (14), Pars America FC (10), Harlow Park FC (10), Foxes Master (7), Peace FC (4), and Black Sheep United (2).


Over-35 UPL Champions: Chivas


Over-35 UPL Second Place: Arsenal

“I was very impressed with the organization pioneering a new league,” noted Chivas manager Miguel Ochoa. “I was very pleased to see team information on my Smart Phone, which makes it easier to check in players for games. I was also impressed with the referees.”

“The other teams that joined from different leagues added a nice flavor,” Ochoa continued. “The sportsmanship was very good. We shared a lot of respect among the teams. To play at this age, we want to continue playing as long as possible.”

As a veteran member of the Chivas organization in Denver, Ochoa said he was very proud of his club. “We always try to reflect a good image of Mexican teams. Our philosophy is to show our love of soccer and we can play without limits.”

The Chivas tradition in Mexico is based on an all-Mexican roster. But in Denver, Ochoa noted the diversity on the team, non-Mexicans from Colorado and other parts of the world.

“This is a very competitive league,” added Chivas midfielder Cesar Martinez. “It’s the kind of league we were looking for. We’re happy that we can play more competitively, and it really motivates us. But we like to laugh inside the field and joke with players too. That’s the most important thing, for me. I like this league for that.”

According to Jebb Dukes, Arsenal team manager, the league “is a first-class operation all the way around. Although we lost, we could have not lost to a better team. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Chivas. They are first-class and won the league with respect, honor, and dignity. I am proud to play against them and grateful that they are in our league. Congratulations to Chivas! Thank you to all the refs. Arsenal looks forward to the league growing and improving for years to come.”

Premier performances

The UPL Premier Division is truly “de primera categoría” (top-notch). As “premier” or “open,” the UPL allows adult players of all ages and abilities. Featuring ex-professional and players with top talent, the UPL premier games showed sharp combination play and one or two golazos a week. The Chivas premier team prevailed as league champions, followed by consistent performances all season long from Deportivo Chapin.

1st place 11.3.13 chivas1

Premier Division Champions: Chivas Premier

2nd place 11.3.13 chapin

UPL Premier Second Place: Deportivo Chapin

Deportivo Chapin competes for top positions in multiple leagues in the Denver area, earning second place in the UPL Premier Division this fall. Primarily from Guatemala, the roster includes a combination of young talent and seasoned veterans.

The UPL Premier division featured six top teams: Chivas, Deportivo Chapin, Pars America Dynamo, AC Legends, Denver Metro, and young talent from Colorado Storm.