Colorado Rapids defenders Chris Klute and Drew Moor explained some of their tactics after the 2-1 home victory over the New England Revolution on July 17.

On the wing in the second half, Klute cleverly clobbered Juan Carlos Toja twice in a few moments to keep possession. When asked about the specific task of managing Toja, Klute replied, “They’re all good players. Everyone is dangerous. You need to be aware of everyone. It’s a matter of keeping them in their half.”

Drew Moor echoed the prison warden approach for success.

“We need to pen them into their side of the field and put high pressure on them,” Moor explained. “Make them have to work. Make them have to run a little bit more than they’re used to, and they’ll start to feel it in the 60th, 70th, 80th minute. We have a nice big field out there, and we have to use it.”

Moor identified the recurring slow-start syndrome, but the halftime rejuvenation from Oscar and the group demonstrated what the captain wants from his teammates.

“We haven’t started well at home for a couple games, the first 10, 15 minutes” Moor said. “We need to be better with the way we start the games, especially at home. Teams come to the high altitude and the dry air, and they don’t want to play in the second half. I remember when I came in from Dallas. It was tough. If we can ramp up the intensity by taking free kicks quickly and taking quicker throw-ins, and let the second half take care of itself, we’ll be OK. It’s not just restarts. It’s the way we play. It’s the way we move the ball early. It’s the intensity.”

On the goal

“The wall did its job,” Moor said. “It covered the near post. Maybe the ball through the legs wrong-footed and a good strike… I’m happy it didn’t stand up.”