I watched 13 soccer games on Saturday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (12 Sueño MLS tryouts and the Rapids/Sounders match). Sitting between the two artificial-turf fields (8 & 10), I swiveled side-to-side for every corner kick, breakaway, long ball, or subtlety during the first day of the Sueño MLS tryout. It was excellent, like watching two soccer games on adjacent TV screens (or Nuggets and Rapids at the same time, if possible). The stories are truly endless, all of them interesting to me. I had to trim down to the following for mass consumption:

Day one recap


Day two recap


These kids and their families show no doubt in their dream, and with such extreme odds, it would take a boatload of uber-hubris to not consider rejection. That’s got to give them the best lesson in the long run. I’ll add the lessons I learned in other posts.